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Yellow Biodiesel sold here!Making Biodiesel a Practical, Safe, Economical & Local Option

Yellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel is the low cost distribution system for American made, B-100 Biodiesel.

Our growing network makes Biodiesel a practical alternative energy available locally in New England and Nebraska!


Taxes Included Unless Noted
Current as of November 17, 2015 PRICE PER GALLON
Bulk Biodiesel (in your container) $3.50
Home Heating Oil Biodiesel* $3.60
*includes maintenance agreement
Jug of Biodiesel (packaged) $3.75
Off-road Biodiesel $3.25 (plus tax)
New jug charge $6 each
Delivery add $.25 per gallon
Tax exempt? $.25 discount

Yellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel works in any unmodified diesel engine for your car, truck or tractor, and in any concentration or mixed with regular diesel fuel.

Use 2% Biodiesel added to the fuel tank to greatly improve fuel lubricity, extending engine component life.

Use 20% biodiesel (B20), one jug of Yellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel to 20 gallons regular diesel, to sweeten exhaust, reduce engine noise and wear, and cut pollution substantially. B20 can be used in any engine at any time of the year.

Use up to 100% Biodiesel in warmer months to protect the environment, reduce health risks, and strengthen our local economy.

Now Yellow Biodiesel to be made locally in Greenfield, MA starting in 2016!

Homestead Inc. has 12 years experience developing biodiesel and making it available to our neighbors.

Want to look at the ASTM D-6750 test results for our current product we sell?


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