Filling SystemYellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel 

B-10 to B-100 Biodiesel

Home Fuel Filling System


After 12 years of development, Homestead Inc. now offers regional fuel users the opportunity to have their own Biodiesel Filling System At Home.

For road-legal fuel, home heating oil or off-road fuel: your choice!

Homestead Inc. has provided quality B-100 fuel throughout Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont for the past 12 years. Now we are making it convenient for you!

Homestead Inc. will provide a complete non-commercial Biodiesel Filling System at your location at a moderate cost.

Homestead Inc. will keep a 275-gallon tank filled with B-100 Biodiesel in warm weather, and other seasonally appropriate blend down to B-10 in the winter cold. We manage your fuel system so you don’t have to!

Homestead Inc. maintains the Biodiesel Filling System with a small cost increment over regional delivered fuel prices. There is no need to change your heating oil supplier, or modify any other equipment. Your local fuel distributor delivers all petroleum blending products to make the seasonal mix.

Homestead Inc. will assist in obtaining any necessary local permits for a nominal fee, or you can do this yourself. 

Your own Biodiesel Filling System in a 275-gallon, above-ground storage tank at the location of your choice. An electric pump, filter system, hose and nozzle are included in the basic system.

Complete storage and pumping systems start at $1000, installed.  Local code interpretations may require a higher cost system be installed. Fuel is delivered at a 20¢ per gallon premium to normal fuel prices.  Plus, Homestead Inc. is ready to answer any questions about this new alternative fuel. Alternative energy, delivered! And the expertise to assist you in this transition.

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