A1. What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is the official name for a vegetable or animal fat based fuel that can be used in any unmodified diesel engine. It also can replace home heating oil, which is similar. There are exacting standards for biodiesel, it is not just vegetable oil. It is most often used as a blend with petroleum diesel fuel, although enthusiasts sometimes use it as pure biodiesel fuel (B100). We sell only B100, and it comes in various sized recyclable packages. Most of our customers blend Yellow Biodiesel with diesel fuel, usually right in their car, truck or tractor’s fuel tank. We pride ourselves on our biodiesel, its ASTM certified, polished and pre-taxed.

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A2. How can I use Biodiesel?

Its amazing how many places you can use biodiesel. The diesel engine is the commonest type of engine in the world, and they all run on biodiesel. Many people heat with #2 home heating oil, which biodiesel can also do. It’s a terrific cleaning compound, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Studies show it’s easier on your hands than soap and water!

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A3. Why should I use Biodiesel?

Everyone has his/her own reason for using biodiesel. Its better in every way: non-polluting, fire safe, health safe, not a greenhouse gas emitter, extends engine life, doesn't cause war. Want to know more or have any doubts? See the websites referenced for documentation on all of this.

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A4. How does Biodiesel affect my engine?

Biodiesel has wonderful lubricity, making up for modern diesel fuel “chafing” that is causing engine parts to wear out faster. As little as one-pint biodiesel to 10 gallons regular diesel boosts lubrication to manufacturer’s specifications. Add more and engine noise decreases markedly. Try B100 straight some day in summer to see what alternative energy is really like. Remember you cannot use B100 in cool weather without significant engine modifications. But B20 can be used year around.  If you use more than B20 in warmer months, buy a spare fuel filter if tar is liberated from your fuel tank, a passing transition. Rumors of hose and seal deterioration are vastly exaggerated. Call us for more information.

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A5. Can I use Biodiesel for Home heating?

Yellow Biodiesel works as a home heating oil, but it does include all of the road taxes, so you will have to file for a rebate on them. Most biodiesel for home heating is at the 5% level (B5) or less. For up to B100 usage, call for more information. Better yet, see our Yellow Heat Babington Burner for a heating system that is far cheaper to operate than burning biodiesel.

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A6. What does it Cost?

Our Current Price is $3.25 per gallon for heating oil or off-road fuel. On-road fuel must also include appropriate taxes. Additional taxes may also be required by local jurisdictions. Price subject to change without prior notice. Confirm our current price before ordering. Delivery charges may also be added.

Remember that the usual blend is B20, which cuts any premium cost you calculate by 80%. Don’t forget that this is a PREMIUM Biodiesel, and it’s better in every way, better for your car, better for the environment, better for the economy and better for the world!

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A7. Biodiesel Resources are listed below. Click on link.

Biodiesel Resources by Andrew Janusak, Rodale Institute


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BioPact: An in-depth look at biofuels from algae

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Government affiliated:

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Biodiesel Production Technology

U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Biodiesel Production for On-Farm Use



Piedmont Biofuels

The Energy Cooperative, Philadelphia

Philadelphia Fry-o-Diesel

Vermont Biofuels Association

Berkeley Biodiesel Collective

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