Yellow Brand Family of Products

Yellow Biodiesel is distributed by Homestead Inc. Yellow Heat is a product of Homestead Inc. Tom Leue is the President of Homestead Inc. Homestead Inc. is located in Ashfield Massachusetts.

Yellow Heat Furnace

Babington Ball Schematic

The only power burner designed to operate on 100% recycled waste vegetable oil.

No Filtering Required!

No Pre-heating Required!

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Using a unique patented burner head and a reinterpretation of a conventional oil burner, as well as several other unique components, Homestead Inc. offers a complete oil handling and burner system that allows you to dump in waste oils of any kind and expect clean, smokeless heat. 

Short introduction to the Yellow Heat Burner

Yellow Brand jug

Yellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel

Yellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel is the low cost distribution system for American made, B-100 Biodiesel.

Our growing network makes Biodiesel a practical alternative energy available locally in New England and Nebraska!

Yellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel works in any unmodified diesel engine for your car, truck or tractor, and in any concentration or mixed with regular diesel fuel.

Use 2% Biodiesel added to the fuel tank to greatly improve fuel lubricity, extending engine component life.

Use 20% biodiesel (B20), one jug of Yellow Brand PREMIUM Biodiesel to 20 gallons regular diesel, to sweeten exhaust, reduce engine noise and wear, and cut pollution substantially. B20 can be used in any engine at any time of the year.

Use up to 100% Biodiesel in warmer months to protect the environment, reduce health risks, and strengthen our local economy.